Discover the Benefits of a Concrete Paver Pool Deck

Why choose a concrete paver pool deck for your inground swimming pool? Many owners of pools in Hilton Head, Bluffton and the surrounding areas in Lowcountry South Carolina are choosing concrete pavers for their swimming pool decks. As you will see in this pool deck pavers article, there are many advantages and benefits of a concrete paver pool deck. Want to learn more about concrete paver stones and hardscape applications for pavers? Contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any of your questions.

Low Maintenance Pool Deck Option

Concrete pavers are very dense and nonporous which means they resist the growth of algae and mildew in wet pool deck environments. Also, unlike other pool deck materials, paver stones hold their color when exposed to chlorine. Concrete paver pool maintenance usually only entails sweeping and rinsing to remove debris. And if settling occurs over time, you can easily just remove the paver stones, regrade, recompact and reinstall the pavers.

Concrete Paver Pool Deck Durability

Of all the pool deck options homeowners can choose from, the durability of concrete pavers makes them the best value for your money because of their low lifetime cost. As mentioned previously, chlorine will not fade the color of pool deck pavers. And if you own a saltwater swimming pool, you’ll be glad to know that concrete paver stones are salt water resistant. Pavers also have a higher psi (pounds per square inch) strength than concrete and asphalt allowing them to withstand years of abuse and last for generations.

Paver Pool Decks are Easy to Repair

When it comes to repairs, concrete pavers save money when compared to other pool deck construction materials. Unlike monolithic concrete surfaces and stamped concrete, pavers allow for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks. And if there is a section of your inground pool deck that needs repairs or if your pool itself needs repairs, paver stones can simply be removed and replaced. A concrete pool deck repair would be much more time-consuming and costly.

Other Benefits of a Concrete Paver Pool Deck

Is pool safety a concern of yours? Pool deck pavers are slip resistant and provide good traction when wet. Swimmers will also enjoy the fact that, depending on their texture, a pool deck’s concrete paver stones will feel soft on the feet. And when it comes to creating a unique custom pool deck which enhances your custom swimming pool, interlocking pavers offer endless design options with a wide variety of colors, shapes and sizes. And, of course, paver installers can create other features like pool coping, raised seat walls, planters and outdoor fire pits that compliment your pool deck design.

To learn more about the benefits of concrete paver pool decks or to discuss all the paver installations we offer Hilton Head, Bluffton and Savannah residential and commercial customers, please do not hesitate to contact us. Don’t forget to ask about our Best Price Guarantee and free estimates.