Consider a Bump Out for an Affordable Home Addition Option

Would a bump out addition be the right home addition solution for your family? Many homeowners looking for cost-effective home additions in Hilton Head and Bluffton, South Carolina decide to go with a custom-built bump out room addition. Whether you need to add more space in your home’s kitchen, bathroom, dining room or another room in your house, discuss a bump out with your home addition contractor to see if it is an economical and practical choice when adding on space to your home.

Bump Out or Home Addition

When you are thinking of adding space to your home, consider how often you need that additional space and how much space you need. For example, if you only find yourself feeling cramped in your kitchen, dining room or bathroom once or twice a year – think Thanksgiving or Christmas – then it may not make sense to increase your home’s square footage footprint with a full home renovation.

There are, however, cases where you may need additional space all year long, but just don’t want to absorb the cost of a full renovation addition. A bump out could offer the space needed to add more room in your kitchen for new appliances or a breakfast nook. It could also add enough space in a bedroom for a window seat or a home office for a desk. In any of the cases above, the time it takes to build a bump out addition and the bump out cost to increase the space of an existing room could possibly make sense to the homeowner.

Bump Out Costs Compared to Room Addition

Lowcountry homeowners often ask about the cost of a bump out when compared to a conventional room addition. The obvious answer is that your custom-built bump out will cost less than adding a completely new bathroom, bedroom, sunroom, etc. Besides the size being smaller than a home addition, a new bump out typically does not need a foundation work and possibly does not need additional roof work either.

While we cannot offer an exact price difference without first working with you to create bump out plans, we can assure that every bump out construction project comes with our Best Price Guarantee and no-surprise project pricing. To learn more about bump out costs and to receive a free estimate for your bump out addition in Hilton Head and Bluffton, please feel free to contact us.

Choose a Bump Out Builder Wisely

Unfortunately, many homeowners underestimate how much of a load a bump-out can add to your home’s existing walls and floor. A bump out that is not designed and built properly can easily cause structural damage to the rest of your home. A poorly designed and built bump out addition will also leak which will cause wood rot, water damage and mold.

Unfortunately, because a new bump out room addition is less expensive, can be built faster and doesn’t require excavation and foundation work, many homeowners do not consider the above issues that can arise from a poorly-built bump out. So, don’t fall into the trap that any home addition builder will suffice when it comes to adding a bump out to your home. Always choose a licensed contractor who has a history of delivering 100% complete customer satisfaction for bump out room addition projects.

If you live in Hilton Head Island, Bluffton or the surrounding South Carolina Lowcountry and are in need of a home addition contractor with experience designing and building bump out additions which meet and exceed the highest quality standards, please consider using our team at Quality Hardscapes & Porch Masters. Contact us today with questions or to get your free bump out home addition estimate.